Kathy Thurston

Kathy's art reflects the discovery of beauty and personalities found in the Northwest's most common and sometimes unlikely wildlife subjects. In addition to appreciation of nature, her vision is to have her art become a tangible discussion point for environmental awareness of the need for habitat preservation in the Salish Sea and the Washington Coast. (Puget Sound Basin and Straits of Juan De Fuca.) This is a natural evolution from her upbringing.Kathy grew up kayaking, hiking, fishing and gardening in Seattle. As a child her parents instilled a love of the outdoors with plenty of hiking, skiing and swimming in Puget Sound, the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Coast Islands. In 2006 she retired from a nursing career and when her daughters left the nest, she renewed her interest in painting. Her adventures photographing nature combined with her imagination, inspire her artwork. "Wild Art for the Heart." aptly expresses the theme of her studio, "Wild Bay Art," in Gig Harbor

Kathy's technique is a type of watercolor painting; a contemporary, westernized interpretation of Chinese Gongbi Style painting done with Chinese Ink and Color on rice paper. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki//Gongbi. Art classes in Gig Harbor at Tacoma Community College taken with Patsy Surh O'Connell, as well as workshops from Lian Quan Zhen, Joe Garcia and others, have influenced Kathy's style. Recently she has painted and used multimedia on wood paddles inspired by Nordic and Native American Design.

Kathy has recently won awards in shows in Tacoma and Gig Harbor: her work has been shown at the Tacoma Art Museum (2015 Franke Tobey Jones Senior Art Show,) and exhibited in a solo show "Ancient Art, New Expressions," at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma. (March-April 2014)

Galleries carrying her art include: Ebb Tide Art Gallery in Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor History Museum, Tacoma's Hotel Murano (Creative Forces Gifts and Sundries,) as well as Millstream on Bainbridge Island. Kathy has made her art into colorful cards, prints and tiles which are carried at these locations. Once a year in September Kathy opens her studio to the public during the Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour. Kathy is a member and past president of Peninsula Art League. She is currently President and manager of Ebb Tide Gallery