Carlin Herrera

Born in Seattle, Washington, Carlin Harris Herrera has spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest and now calls University Place home. Throughout her childhood she always enjoyed creating. One of her earliest creations “while still in the crib” was a bus stop sign like the one she saw on Sesame Street done on her wall with a crayon. As the years progressed the enjoyment and need to create art also grew for Carly. What was once a hobby to pass the time morphed into an activity to help her on life’s journey. For many years, Carly worked in customer service both in the restaurant business and on the retail side of the natural health industry. She enjoyed working with and helping many different people whether listening while pouring their coffee or helping them find the right remedy for their ailment. Art was her hobby and a great way to unwind at the end of the day after working with the public. While studying psychology she shifted her awareness of how she created her art. It became a way for her to work through emotions and life events. She believes that it is not often what one sets out to paint, but instead what the canvas reveals along the way, as though tapping into ones subconscious and creating from that place. The artistic journey starts to unfold once the first brushstroke is placed on the canvas. As your creation manifests in front of you it can help you work through what is going on in your life. You can process through stress, excitement, or even grief in this way. Carly’s abstract pieces are often initiated in this way, but then built upon for many months or even years to follow until they are complete. Many of her paintings incorporate vibrant colors and deep texture to express the emotion of the piece. She uses oil paint and most of her work is on canvas. Carly has found a way to bridge the gap between her love of helping people and creating. She is developing a workshop about creative ways to deal with stress. Some of this will incorporate artistic exercises and other parts of the workshop are about the daily choices we make and how they impact our overall wellbeing.