Robin Marsh

Robin Marsh - Pen and Ink Artist
Robin Marsh took a leap into an art career a little later in life. Not believing she could make a living as an artist, she majored in management and corporate buying receiving a degree at the Fashion Institute in NYC as well as a degree at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana. Robin worked as a buyer for several years. Not finding any satisfaction in the career, Robin dove head first into the world of art in the fall of 2014. Robin has always been drawn to wildlife. Raised in Indiana by a professor of forestry, avid lovers of wildlife, and expert gardeners… it is no surprise that native wildlife has become her area of focus. Discussions of native and invasive flora and fauna were common at their dinner table. She enjoys not only drawing the wildlife, but also educating the public on the native species in the area. Her other major influence is native american totem artwork with Cherokee Indian in her ancestry. Robin discovered her love for working with metals when she took a small metals jewelry class at the Columbus School of Art and Design. With the tools she learned in the class as well as a lot of self teaching, she has developed her works of award winning copper etched and engraved wildlife. She creates detailed line work drawings that are etched into copper and accented by aging the copper. For the past 2 years, Robin attended several fine art festivals in the state of Florida receiving awards and recognition for her unique style of work. With the most recent move to Washington, Robin has focused primarily on pen and ink drawings. These drawings were always created as the first step in the metal etching process. With much reflection, she has discovered it is the pen and ink drawings that she truly loves to create. Robin currently lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her husband, son, and dog Ted. With a recent move under her belt, she is slowly moving her work from Florida to Washington native wildlife species. She gladly accepts commissioned work and requests as well. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the artist.